What Are You Insecure About? 

Everyone is insecure about something. Big or small, there will always be a part of you—or a part of your life— that at one point in time, you have wished to change or control. It may concern your appearance, like your nose, weight, or smile. Or maybe it goes a little deeper. Maybe you fear the possibility of loneliness, or are unsure about the future of your career. Whatever it may be, the key point is that it is something that everyone deals with. This project's aim is to show that we are not alone in our insecurities, no matter how much it may feel like we are.

For this project, I created a station in Washington Square Park; I had a white backdrop, a notebook to collect answers, my camera, myself, and an assistant holding a sign that read “What Are You Insecure About?” Then, I interacted with the people surrounding me, hoping that they would be willing to be vulnerable with me—a complete stranger—for just one moment.

Here are the results.

November-December 2018.